Frederico Birchal

Brazilian from Belo Horizonte, in 2011 I finished a graduation in graphic design, however, the acquisition of the designer title doesn’t say much about my interest in art as a consumer, scholar or artist. Since my early years I showed a certain creative impetus. The school desks and my notebooks used to serve as a canvas for sketch of the impressions that invaded my senses. Were my first creative laboratory. Over time, I found references that came to guide not only my small daily subversions of the school supplies, but also my academic and professional production. The diverse cultural manifestations of postmodernity, mainly film, music and names like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Norman Rockwell built the basic structure of my current production.


My work and tireless search plus the relish for pop culture, besides a great supporting web formed by clients and partners, gave me, recently, the joy of receiving Clio Key Art Awards 2015 and Communication Arts Awards 2015.

clio awars


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