The posters are printed based on high standards of quality of scale of colors, depth, contrast and shade. Which adds an impeccable aspect and durability to the products. Every print are made with Fine Art printer, using ink mineral pigments.


Fine Art Hahnemühle® Photo Rag® 308 gsm 100% cotton paper or Fine Art Hahnemühle® Studio Enhanced®  210 gsm. Both with durability over 100 years.
The selection of paper varies from each series, being stated in the description of the product.


Each work has a limited number of circulation. This number if found in the description of the product.

The works are not exclusive of this website, with the possibility of being produced by another stores. The quality of the paper and print, the certificate of authenticity and the numbering are warranted only for products purchased in this website.


Made to assure to the costumer safety when buying a work numbered and authorized by the artist. All the posters come with a signed certificate of authenticity that contains a numbering hologram on the certificate and on the back of the art.
You can search for the work’s register by the certifcate’s numbering from the website www.myartregistry.com



We ship worldwide via Correios. During the delivery, it is usual the request of the receiver’s signature. Be there at the time of the delivery or make sure someone else will.


All products are custom printed. We print them as soon as the payment is confirmed. The delivery time depends on this. Usually it takes from 3 to 5 working days.
We are not responsible for delays that may occur due to incorrect address, holidays or events we cannot control or predict.


The calculation of the costs is made considering volume, weight and the location to where the product will be send. The taxes charged for deliveries to other countries and continents are the costumer’s responsibility.


If any product has any damage, please, send us an e-mail to: shop@fredbirchal.com, and we will solve the situation as soon as we can. Attach images from the package and from the damaged item to the message. The original packaging must be kept.

The costumer must inform about the situation at least 7 days after the receipt of the product.

Returned items must be on the original packaging and they should not have been used.


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